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uc-sdk Documentation


uC-sdk is a very lightweight, embedded sdk to help working with microcontrollers. Its current architecture is comprised of:


This is basically a code drop of the FreeRTOS project (http://www.freertos.org/) It enables you to create very precise tasks, with all of the basic multithreading tools.

Architectures support

The arch directory contains the drivers and board-specific code to handle your hardware.

Basic OS

The os directory handles booting the CPU, setting up the environment, starting your software, and then provides a shutdown sequence.

Minimal libc

A super-minimal, yet useful libc is provided.

IEEE-compatible libm

In case you actually need to do some math, Sun's fdlibm is in the libm directory.

Abstraction library

The acorn directory contains various pieces of code to handle abstraction of hardware.

Contents of this documentation

Please consult the section Quick Start to get an overview on how to use this code, as well as the needed tools.

For deeper understanding of the usage of the code, please read the section API.

If you are interested in adding support for a new board or CPU, the section newboard is what you need.