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You wake up with a strong headache. Somebody must have knocked you out. You try to remember what happen to you, but the last thing that comes to your mind is somebody ringing the door beel. While looking around you, you see that you are somewhere in a giant room. In one corner of the room, you spot a ladder, that goes to a hole in the ceiling. This seems like your escape route. You also notice a very big, mean-looking lion somewhere else in the room, staring at you with very hungry eyes. While backing from him, you hit a hidden wall. A few seconds of prodding later, you realize you and the lion are in a maze, completely made of glass. You can't know where the walls are until you actually touch them. As the lion roars towards you, you say out loud that you better not find yourself near him, if you don't want to become his next meal. Your only chance is to reach that ladder before he reaches you...